Breath(In)Room v.2

Breathing is usually an involuntary, voluntary physiological effect but is sometimes controlled temporarily and consciously. When feeling oppressed for a long time, individuals may have intense emotional ups and downs due to subjective anxiety and respond to changes in breathing frequency. Respiration is the primary mechanism of biological survival. The speed and depth are also suitable if you want to be relaxed and comfortable. There is no survival without breathing, and over-breathing is painful, as in this social system where there is no suitable place to be embedded and no place to stand.

Vision establishes spatial perception before other senses, reconstructs the breathing pattern caused by psychological induction into the immersive image experience, and forces the inner emotions to appear in the environment. Relationship, and gradually control the way of external changes. This interaction mechanism intends to experience the hypoxia illusion caused by the body’s excessive carbon dioxide excretion and a series of psychological, psychological, and physiological changes.


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